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Becoming an auctioneer is a very specialized job. It not only requires the obvious ability to speak fast, it also requires a lot of eye contact with your audience. Eye and mouth co-ordination might sound easy, but just try it in front of the mirror and you'll realize that speaking at 500 words a minute while trying to concentrate on eye contact is not for the faint-hearted. That's why there are auctioneer training schools all over the world. Not only are they qualified to teach you the tricks of the trade, but some also help with job placement as well.

There are some auctioneers that are multi-lingual which can really expand your career horizons as now you are not limited to one Country. So take into consideration the skills you would learn at an auctioneer training school or college and apply them worldwide, now your scope of placement is not limited.

As time progresses, more and more women are getting into the auction ring. This is a welcome site to just a few years ago when it was primarily a "men only" career niche. Auctioneer training for women is actually on the yearly rise according to some researchers, which just opens up another avenue for employment by the fairer sex.

Types of auctions range from real estate, auto, livestock and commercial & industrial auctions to charity auctions and many more.

There are programs that just cater to certain areas of the auction industry, such as becoming a Certified estate specialist, which is a course recognized by the NAA (National Auctioneers Association Education Institute)

The CES program educates budding auctioneers on how to best handle the estates as well as how to be a mediator with members of family and lawyers when an estate is is being settled. The CES certificate requires completion of 24 hours of instruction and a written exam.

Please do your research when deciding what field of auctioneering you wish to go into as there are some that offer a wide and varied program which is just auctioneering in general and some that specialize in just one filed of the auctioneering circle, no pun intended.

For a faster track, you may even want to ask at your local auctions if they have room fior an intern. Sounds crazy, BUT if you are able to get into the industry that way, it might give you a helping hand and boost in learning the whole aspect of the industry and not just the calling of auctions.

This is just one of many certifications one can get just by enrolling in an auctioneer training school

There will be more to come as a followup to this article.

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Cole Hudson here. I'm a certified auctioneer (NAA) and specialize in real estate auctions. This also encompasses estate sales for the deceased. It is a very interesting business and no 2 days are alike. I love my work and I just wish I had found my calling (ha ha) sooner.

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Auctioneering As a Career

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This article was published on 2010/03/29