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Benefit auctions are a fairly popular avenue for companies or organizations, especially those that are non-profit, to come up with the funds in order to bring awareness or help to a particular cause. The types of auctions actually vary, but the underlying cause is that all proceeds that are received go to the charity or cause that is being represented.

The concept of a benefit auction is where items are put up for auction and, as mentioned, the proceeds from the sale are given to the cause that is being represented. This can be anything from helping the local church fund a trip or renovation to that of helping a national charity, such as AIDS or cancer research.

Benefit auctions have the added benefit of not only being able to purchase items at reasonable prices, but the proceeds go to that of a charitable cause, which can make them popular for a variety of people. These types of auctions can be live, in which people can yell out their bids or a silent, with people holding up cards or signs to indicate that they are bidding on a particular item. Items can vary, from that of collectables to even antiques, usually donated from those involved with the auction.

These benefits may also have entertainment, which can entice visitors and bidders to join in part of the auction.

For organizations that would like to put on a benefit auction, preparation can usually take upwards of six months, in order to make sure that everything goes correctly. This is not to say that benefit auctions cannot happen in less of six months, with some of these quick auctions can still take place, but again preparation is key.

This is also when professional auctioneers can take some of the stress and pressures off of the organization itself, as they will usually handle everything that will be needed. This includes the planning of the event; the professional auctioneer service will discuss the particulars of the event with the organization, such as where the event will be held, what charity or specialty will be represented, what the decorations will look like, and what total goal the organization hopes to reach.

Often times it makes more sense to hire a professional auction service, especially if dealing with a very large event; the best way to approach this is to do the research. Thanks to the Internet, there are now more auctions and auction type services available for use; the downside to this is that a person or organization may not know which one of these to go with. Again, the key here is to do the research and contact any auction service that holds an interest.

These auction services should be able to answer any questions that the organization may have, such as prices for their service, what their vision is for the event, and most importantly, what other auctions the service has done in their professional career. An organization should also contact previous clients of that service, to see what their experience was with the company. Word of mouth is still one of the most potent when it comes to whether or not a person chooses one thing over another.

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Benefit Auctions

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Benefit Auctions

This article was published on 2011/12/30